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Marks are only finalised at the end of the academic year after the Examination and Resit Examination Boards have met and applied the rules of assessment. For further information about the Rules of Assessment please visit: http://www.southessex.ac.uk/higher-education/higher-education-policies

Please note:

If you have any queries regarding your results, please contact heexaminations@southessex.ac.uk.

Re-enrolment onto your next year of study

After the Summer/Resit Exam Board depending on your progression code you will be require to re-enrol online. Students who achieve a Repeat Module/Repeat Year will be required to report to the college to complete their enrolment. This will take place during the HE enrolment period. Students will not be automatically enrolled onto the next year. It is also the students responsibility to advise SLC about their progression or any changes in their course fees.

Transcripts will only be provided for students who have completed their course of study or students who withdraw/fail their course or are unable to continue their studies with the college.

If you have any issues please contact heexaminations@southessex.ac.uk.

For information about what the different outcomes are, what they mean and how to appeal, details can be found using the links below:
Progression codes and re-enrolment for University of Essex students
Progression codes and re-enrolment for University of the Arts London students
Progression codes and re-enrolment for University of East Anglia students
Progression codes and re-enrolment for Open University students

Student Tuition Loans

Please read the following guide to re-applying for your tuition loan each year Student Finance

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